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NC 19g | Fat 20g | Protein 16g | Cal 320

Bountiful Greek Yoghurt

Brownie crumble, organic peanut butter, walnuts bounty bar slices and mixed brownie bites


NC 22g | Fat 15g | Protein 20g | Cal 303

Rainbow Greek Yoghurt

Vanilla base topped with coconut flakes, chia seeds, sugar free bounty bar slice with fresh papaya & strawberries


NC 30g | Fat 20g | Protein 22g | Cal 388

Nutty Truffle Greek Yoghurt

Gluten free brownie crumble, granola, nuts and chocolate truffles and chocolate shaving.


NC 7g | Fat 15g | Protein 18g | Cal 235

Coconut Greek Yoghurt

made with coconut cream and coconut flakes


NC 11g | Fat 11g | Protein 17g | Cal 211

Strawberry Greek Yoghurt

Delicious fresh Strawberry churned with creamy greek yogurt


NC 22g | Fat 18g | Protein 15g | Cal 310

Chunky Monkey Greek Yoghurt

Organic Peanut butter, bananas, chocolate shavings, strawberry jam and nuts


NC 18g | Fat 16g | Protein 19g | Cal 292

Strawberry Delight Greek Yoghurt

Strawberry base yogurt, topped with strawberry jam, chia seeds, mixed seeds, chia, pomegranate & bananas


NC 35g | Fat 11g | Protein 18g | Cal 415

Seasonal Fruit Greek Yoghurt

Vanilla greek yogurt base topped all seasonal fruits.


NC 25g | Fat 22g | Protein 23g | Cal 390

Summer Greek Yoghurt

Vanilla base topped with papaya, walnuts, pomegranate, strawberry and peanut butter.




NC 7g | Fat 11g | Protein 18g | Cal 199

Vanilla Greek Yoghurt

Thick creamy vanilla greek yogurt. 

Serving: 200g


NC 28g | Fat 22g | Protein 28g | Cal 422

Super Seedy Crunch Greek Yoghurt with Strawberry Jam

Sugar free vanilla greek yogurt base, topped with super seeds: pumpkin, chia seeds, sunflower & flaxseed  walnuts & granola along with strawberry jam !!!


NC 18g | Fat 25g | Protein 24g | Cal 393

Super Kiwi Greek Yoghurt

Organic peanut butter, chia seeds, gluten free cookie crumble, brownie bite and chunks of papaya, kiwi, mango.


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